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How to go for it…

There are three of us.

Three women who love the stories we stumble over as we walk through the woods together most early mornings.

One of us worked as a prosecuting attorney in the South for 20 years. That’s Barbara.

One of us worked every job in film from South Carolina to California for 20 years. That’s Christi.

One of us photographed everything all over the world from race cars to racy undies for 20 years. That’s Shelly.

Now we make movies. And it just makes sense.  Considering our credentials…or our lack of them.

Bellawood is a real place. A studio office overlooking a proud and swaybacked, white mare named Maggie. At least it did until Maggie decided to leave this planet last year. Yes. That’s what she did. She waited until she was ready; took her final breath in a life that spanned more than 35 years; laid down while everyone was out of town and passed on to the afterlife.

Of course there’s more to the story than I can tell in less than 200 words.

That’s why movies matter to us. Because there’s always more to the story.


About Bellawood Movies

We make movies about small and hidden people and places. We are artists, photographers, writers and story lovers. And we really like to make magic with our movies.

One response to “How to go for it…

  1. William Perry Hall ⋅

    I met Barbara and Shelly at a film alliance meeting in Charleston. We were walking buddies. I want to come to Aiken, meet you, and talk film business.

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